The Perfect Brownie

Brownie Shot 016 (2)It’s been ages since I baked for the last time. Yesterday, I had the BIGGEST crave ever for a chocolate brownie. Just a simple, old fashioned brownie, no nuts, no added mini-marshmellows or whatever else people out there tend to put in a brownie these days. I had a bit of a crappy night (my crazy nighbour decided to ring at my door in the middle of the night- weird story, don’t ask.) and so I decided to bake myself this particular treat. I found this great recipe and added 100g dark chocolate chunks for some extra indulgence. My whole flat smells like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory… that’s what I call a treat!

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Moodboard Monday ¦¦ A Day at the Library

Studying at the library has it’s perks- you can meet friends for coffee & lunch breaks and you’ve access to all kinds of fancy books. But (here comes the downside) you have to get up early in the morning, put together an outfit, apply make-up and make your hair. Usually, I’m dressed in jeans, comfy flats and a warm sweater. I’m rather on the casual side with my outfits- usually, law students like to get dessed up for studying, it seems. This can be a bit intimitading, especially when having a bad hair (or face!) day. But I suppose books don’t care whether you’re wearing a full face of make-up or not… not even law books.

Getting Personal


I saw the great idea of the blogmopolitan quiz at the blog two thirds hazel and thought it would be such a fun thing to join in. I also think it’s a great idea to make this space a little more personal and share a bit more about me, myself and I.

I hope my fellow favourite bloggers Coco from Coco’s Cute Corner, Supal from chévrons & éclairs, Apollina from Apollinas and Claudia from Frl. Häkelhaken do join in, as I’d love to hear their answers. But of course, everybody else is welcome to join, too!
You can download the form here.

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

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Never Ever Again

bad products

Mainly, blogs seem to be the platform of shopping addicted teens, unemployed pizza hut chefs or even worse: the platform of clueless lunatics where they anonymously blurt out their retarded opinion on irrelevant, superfluous matters. This blog, aehm, is exactly the same. Ha! Today, I’ll screw stuff and things! To be more exact: I’ll screw the companies who screwed me in 2013 with their crappy products. Let’s start clockwise from the upper right side. Happy smashday, I say…

1. Sébastian Professionel Halo Mist
This spray simply does nothing for my hair. And it comes with a seriously hefty price tag, let me tell you. It doesn’t even have a nice scent. You will smell like you spritzed yourself with gasoline. Very expensive gasoline, though.

2. NARS Pearl Beach Eyeshadow
Again a product from the upper crust which is complete bogus. You can’t apply it. It doesn’t stay where you put it. The colour looks like someone was trying to fit his fist on your eyes. That’s what make-up should do for you…NOT.

3. Oliver People Glasses from Müller Optik in Zürich
Okay, let’s stay fair. I love the Oliver People frame, but those guys at Müller Optik? I don’t know what they did, I suppose just tiping in random numbers when measuring my eyesight, because: I feel like being caught in ‘Inception’ whenever putting them on. Not how you want to feel when crossing a street, driving a car or cutting a loaf of bread. Still, the guys at Müller Optik were blunt enough to tell me I’d get used to it. Turns out: I don’t.

Moodboard Monday ¦¦ A Day In New York

Ah, everybody seems to be travelling to NY recently! Last year, the city of choice was Stockholm and this year, obviously, it’s the big apple. I’d visit the city that never sleeps in a heartbeat- unfortunately it’s not going to happen in the next months. So the only thing left to do is dreaming- of the perfect outfit for a leisurely stroll through central park, of course. Happy Monday!

On Toughness


If I had to choose whether that glass is half full or half empty, I’d always go for empty. I’m a true pessimist, a huge worrier and really like to bathe in self-pity every once in a while. It’s not since yesterday that I’ve been trying to adjust this mindset, but as all changes, it’s happening slowly. I read this forbes article a few weeks ago and found it particularly helpful, especially in regard to the challenges that lie ahead. It’s called “the 13 things mentally strong people avoid” and I caught myself being guilty on more points than I wanted to.

mantraI’d love to hear about your take on toughness, on how you master challenges and disappointments and how you stay optimistic after a set-back.

Bloglove ¦¦ Fräulein Häkelhaken

Claudias Shop 023

Having friends that share the same interests as you do is great. Having friends that share the same hobby as you do, is even better! I’m happy to introduce you to Fräulein Häkelhaken and her pretty new blog with DIY guides for knitting and crocheting. The pretty things you see above and below can be either bought in Fräulein Häkelhaken‘s webshop or you can craft them on your own. Either way- make sure to stop by at

 Fräulein Häkelhaken

Collage häkel

 Have a very happy Sunday  - ♥ – 

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